How are dislikes disappearing from Modi’s radio show as students start a ‘Dislike Movement’ against him?

According to sources, at least 15,000 dislikes 'disappeared' in total from both, PM Modi and BJP's channels.

Dislikes on the video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ have started to mysteriously disappear.

Up till Sunday, the 30th of August 2020, the latest episode of the series posted on the BJP’s YouTube channel had 500,000 dislikes and 70,000 likes. On PM Modi’s official channel, it had 120,000 dislikes and 43,000 likes.

Disappearing dislikes

However, the dislikes started to mysteriously go down by 5,000 and 10,000 respectively on both channels. According to multiple Indian reporting sources, at least 15,000 dislikes ‘disappeared’ from both PM Modi and BJP’s channels.

Dislikes on BJP’s channel

Dislikes on PM Modi’s channel

The ‘dislikes’ saw a decrease from 39,000 to 34,000 on Indian PM’s official YouTube channel. Similarly, they decreased from 190,000 to 180,000 on BJP’s channel.

The ‘Dislike Movement’ against the Indian PM

This online movement is a way of showing dissatisfaction with Indian PM’s educational policy. The comment section on Modi’s recent videos is bombarded by school and college students on issues related to their annual examinations and the prevailing COVID-19 situation in India.

The students and their families were against the examinations being held during the pandemic. Everyone expected the PM to answer the concerns and queries of the students in his weekly shows, but there was no mention of them.

People had concerns regarding transportation, the effectiveness of the SOPs put in place, students from flood areas, and much more. Later #StudentsDislikePMModi began trending on Twitter, along with #StudentLivesMatter.

Although a significant number of dislikes suspiciously disappeared from the video, a vast majority of students are continuously ‘disliking’ it. Currently, it has more than 900,000 dislikes.

Watch PM Modi’s Monthly Radio Show here:

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