Do all of Ahad Raza Mir's characters have WAY TOO MUCH in common?

In a short period, Ahad Raza Mir has paved the way for himself in the Pakistan Entertainment Industry. The male actor’s talents have earned him an eminent name in the leading Pakistani Drama Actors category.

The credit of this success also goes to the kind of projects Ahad has chosen over the years. To date, each character Ahad played in his acting journey has allowed the young and dynamic actor to showcase his craft differently.

Although we have concluded that Ahad’s portrayals may differ, almost all his characters have a few things in common. This fact maintains regardless of the differences in storyline, direction, and execution of all Ahad Raza Mir dramas.

A list of these things was concluded by Pakistan\’s entertainment blog

  1. Love for Pets

The roles played by Ahad are associated with pets one way or the other. From Zorro to Sheru, Ahad’s character is always seen unwinding with and caring for his pets. Ahad’s pet-loving scenes break the monotony of the character’s usual routine and make the audience love him even more.

  1. Cooking Skills

In every other drama, Ahad’s character knows how to fend for himself and cook delicious meals. His dynamic, multi-tasking role is received well by the ladies and makes Ahad look very charming. His culinary-skilled character tends to be a lesson for all the Pakistani men who majorly rely on their wives for housework.

  1. Passion for Fitness

Ahad Raza Mir’s characters take fitness very seriously. His roles have their days planned, and the schedule showcases a major proportion of fitness-related activities. The figure is often seen going for a walk or a jog to relax and clear up his mind. This characteristic has become a healthy motivator for all Ahad’s fans.

  1. A Man of Few Words

All Ahad’s characters speak less, but if they talk, the words are precise and strike the right chord. The roles he takes up work around dialogues that are brief, yet convincing. This characteristic adds to the whole personality of the part and wows the viewers.

  1. Career-Oriented Nature

From Dr. Asfand in Yaqeen ka Safar to Salar in Sammi, Ahad’s characters are always determined, focused, and career-oriented. All his roles portray an individual who is determined to step in practical life and make his surroundings a better place. That is some motivation for every person watching Ahad’s dramas!

  1. Interest in Arts

Another observation is that almost all Ahad Raza Mir’s characters are seen residing or visiting the beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan. This feature makes Ahad’s dramas highly captivating and visually appealing. Ahad is certainly playing his part in promoting Pakistani tourism.

  1. Scenic Northern Areas of Pakistan

Most of Ahad’s roles are seen as interested in sketching, painting, or playing guitar. This aspect brings a refreshing touch to Ahad’s characters. It should be noted that Ahad is an artist in reality too, so it’s great to see him bring a part of his real-life to his reel-life.

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