Do journalists need to wear helmets while confronting PTI leaders?

  • Masroor Ali Sial of PTI slapped Karachi Press Club President during the recording on a private channel.
  • This is the fourth incident of physical violence at the hands of PTI headers.
  • Naeem-ul-Haq of PTI has said that stern action will be taken against Masroor Ali Sial for inflicting violence.
Have a look at the PTI leader Masroor A li Khan talking to a journalist and KPC President Mr. Faran in an absurd manner.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Naeem-ul-Haq has strongly condemned the violent conduct by Masroor Ali Sial of PTI against Journalist at Karachi Press Club. It’s not been more than a month that another leader from PTI slapped the Journalist and anchorperson Sami Ibrahim. Here you go for the video evidence for the physical attack on Sami Ibrahim.

PTI's Fawad Chaudhary slapping Sami Ibrahim

وفاقی وزیر سائنس و ٹیکنالوجی فواد چوہدری کے اینکر پرسن سمیع ابراھیم کو تھپڑ‌ مارتے ہوئے کی ویڈیو :

Posted by on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The incident came to be a surprise for many and received widespread condemnation from the Journalist community and public circles alike. The government, however, refused to take responsibility for any personal act by the minister.

Let me remind you of another incident that happened on the sets of a private TV channel in which Naeem-ul-Haq of PTI throws out a glass of water on another guest sitting in front of him. But we didn’t see any apologetic tweet by Naeem-ul-Haq following the incident. Here’s a video clip of the incident.

If one goes by the justification of Fawad Chaudhary in which he said that he knocked all the doors of public offices to held Sami Ibrahim accountable and then hopelessly choose to slap him then there is no need to bother about the law. One can easily hold another person accountable by hitting him publicly.

Naeem-ul-Haq also defended his act of violence saying that it was an obvious reaction to hit him because this leader of PML-N uses absurd language against him. Have a look at the confidence of PTI leader after hitting another politician in front of a camera.

These acts of physical violence against journalists raise serious reservations for the safety of journalists. Before the PTI government take some vigilant steps to save the Journalists from Thapar attacks my sincere advice to all journalists is that whenever you have to confront any PTI leader, make sure you wear a helmet to avoid any thapar attack from them.

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In the recent slapping incident, Masroor Ali Sial of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf who belong to Sindh was seated next to President Karachi Press Club Imtiaz Khan Faran went into an argument with him.

In the video that gone viral over the weekend, Ali Sial can be seen standing up from his seat to push the KPC President off his seat and hit him with the slap. The channel management had to intervene to stop the scuffle. The other person on the set came to the rescue and stopped the further fight between the two. The series of violence and physical attacks by PTI leaders seems to be a new wave of disrespect towards journalists.

Alongside bringing reforms on the economic front, the PTI government needs to set some moral obligations on its leaders to stop the attacks on the journalist community because media is one of the four pillars of society and freedom of media needs to be respected to secure the democratic norms.

What will happen if people started to retaliate the physical attacks by PTI leaders with slaps? Will it start a culture of violence and physical attacks?


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