‘Do Not Go to India’, UK and US Warn their citizens

The United States and Britain warned their nationals to ‘exercise caution’ if they’re traveling to the northeast region.

Protests against the new controversial citizenship law sparked on Saturday, following the travel warnings issued by Washington, London, and Paris for Northeast India.

Numerous citizens fear that this new legislation will grant citizenship to a large number of immigrants from Bangladesh, who Indians accuse of having stolen their jobs and weakening the cultural identity of the region.

Thousands of protestors rallied in New Delhi, capital of India, on Saturday evening, urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to retract the law, some protestors held signs that read ‘Stop Dividing India’.

“People are not gathered here as Hindus, or Muslims, people are gathered here as citizens of India. We reject this bill that has been brought by the Modi government and we want that equal treatment as is enshrined in our constitution,” said Amit Baruah, a journalist.

The protests turned violent in West Bengal state, with about 20 buses and parts of railway stations set on fire. Demonstrators even blocked roads and set fire to tires. Luckily, there were no injuries.

Tension also increased in Assam, where two people were even shot dead, 26 were hospitalized after security forces fired live rounds. During the funeral procession of Sam Stafford, an 18-year-old student, hundreds of angry and distraught mourners shouted ‘love live Assam’.

“We were watching the news all day on TV about the protests when my nephew left home in the evening. We asked him not to go but he went with his friends,” the student´s aunt Julie Stafford said while talking to a news source.

Shops were shut down and the internet was banned across Assam till Monday. The Citizenship Amendment Act allows for the fast-tracking of applications from religions minorities, which include Sikhs and Hindus from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, but not Muslims.

The United States and Britain warned their nationals to ‘exercise caution’ if they’re traveling to the northeast region.

Islamic groups and rights organizations say that this law is a part of Modi’s Hindu nationalist agenda to relegate the 200 million Muslims in India. But, Modi denied this and said that Muslims from the three countries needed no protection, which is why they weren’t covered by the legislation.


  • o muslims, you decided to stay in india after partition 1947, so this is the result. Hindu is as brutal as jews and christians….as usa uk france and russia…sorry no help possible

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