Do you know Javeria Abbasi’s ex-husband is also her step brother?

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The Pakistani TV actress, Javeria Abbasi, confused everyone during an interview when she said that her ex-husband, Shamoon Abbasi, is also her stepbrother.

Javeria was recently invited as a guest in Nida Yasir’s show Shan e suhoor. 

During the show, the conversation turned into shocking territory when Nida pointed out that Javeria’s ex-husband, Shamoon Abbasi, is also her stepbrother.

Speaking about Javeria’s struggles, Nida Yasir shared that they once made a drama serial based on her life story. “Shamoon’s father and Javeria’s mother married each other,” she revealed.

“People often get confused by our story, so I do not want to create any confusion,” added Javeria, revealing that She and Shamoon share different parents. However, the rest of their siblings have the same parents.

Javeria added, “People get really confused whether Anoushey Abbasi is my sister or Shamoon’s. She is actually a sister to both of us.”

Javeria shared, “I decided to marry Shamoon in the first place; he was the first man in my life. I was 17, and Shamoon was 22 when we were married.

Abbasi added, “We had a scattered family, and so the idea was to bring both the families together. I’ll have a father, and he’ll get a mother.”

She even had to move into her maternal uncle’s house before her marriage to Shamoon to get a proper rukhsati ceremony since she would live in the same house after marriage.

Javeria and Shamoon have since separated and have a daughter together.

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  • Sorry to say pehly inky kaam aese hotay hn phir ye hajan ban k new generation ko khrab karti hn k shadi na b karo tu akela rha ja skta h.r khud madam ny 17yr me e shadi mana li tu hal hy in logun ka.Allah Pak bchae double faces logun se.??

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