Do you know why and how Esra Bilgiç ended her marriage in only 10 minutes!?

She knew what she was doing!

The Turkish drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul has become  an overwhelming favorite of the Pakistani nation. One of the primary reasons for the series’ success is predominantly the gorgeous female actress Esra Bilgic, who played the role of Halime Sultan. The actress has won millions of hearts across Pakistan.

With all this stardom, Esra’s personal life is not personal anymore. People can’t stop talking about her, and now the latest news floating on the internet is how the Turkish actress ended her two years long marriage in only 10 minutes.

What happened?

Esra and the Turkish Footballer, Gokhan Tore, dated for nearly three years and tied the knot back in August 2017. Unfortunately, the couple decided to end things and parted ways after two years of marriage.

In 10 minutes?


In a court meeting, Esra withdrew all property claims against Tore. The footballer did not hold any complaints against her either. The court session ended in 10 minutes, and they parted their ways.

The reason for such a hasty decision is that the Turkish Footballer cheated on her, and Esra had no room for that in her life.

However, the actress did not let this affect her career. With her remarkable acting skills, she is now among the most popular actresses not only in Turkey but across borders as well.

The diva, Esra, has a massive fan following of 2.7M followers on Instagram.

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  • agreed, has started sensationalism. a quick way to lose your rep. not saying that had much rep left!

  • Yehhh kee na chheeti walee harkat… THIS is how it should be for all cheaters.. ??????

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