Doctor and renowned Pakistani fashion blogger allegedly commits suicide by shooting herself

A media outlet reports that the police are doubtful about calling the incident a suicide.

Maha Shah, a doctor and a fashion blogger took her own life yesterday morning. After night duty at the South City Hospital, the 25-year-old public figure got to her DHA Phase 4 home and shot herself in her room. Maha’s family rushed her to the hospital, but the girl succumbed to her bullet wound and passed away.

A media outlet reports that the police are doubtful about calling the incident a suicide. A police official said:

The wound caused by the single bullet fired from a pistol was on the backside of her head, while those committing suicide usually place the gun either on their temple or forehead.

However, Maha’s family insists that she took her own life. They refuse to permit a probe into the matter of their daughter’s death.


Maha Shah’s sudden death has shocked everyone. According to sources, the reason Maha committed suicide is still unknown. However, it should be noted that Maha Shah was diagnosed with depression after her parents separated and then remarried.

Maha’s friend, Zarmeena Ikram, took to social media and posted a lengthy note dedicated to Maha:

They say nobody DIES with the ones who die. But the truth is that a part of us DIES with them and it’s the MOST HELPLESS FEELING! With suicide cases, there is always an associated sense of responsibility towards our loved ones. And to address where we lack. So many ifs and buts are filling our minds in an endless chorus.

Zarmeena further wrote:

Nevertheless, the ones who leave make our hearts a little hollower with their absence. Such is the hollowness caused by you, Maha. I wish I were there for you. Please recite Surah-Al-Fatiha for the departed soul. May Allah grant her the highest place in Jannat. Ameen Sum Ameen.

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