Doctor Whom Sharmeen Obaid Blamed For ‘Harrasing’ Her Sister Is Now Jobless

Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy caused a social media frenzy after she called the doctor who sent her sister a Facebook friend request a harasser. People opposed and supported her statement but the consequences were grave beyond mere an argument for the doctor who was mentioned.

Couple days back Ali Moeen Nawazish wrote a Facebook post giving his opinion on the situation by completely rejecting the notion that a Facebook friend request is harassment in any connotation. He further said that Sharmeen is a public figure so people definitely want to stay connected to her or her closed ones.

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A man who is a colleague of the doctor from AKU whom Sharmeen blamed for harassment reached out to Ali Moeen and told the consequences that he had to face after the issue became a public discussion. He said that the doctor is now fired from his job. He said that he has a family to take care of and losing his job has affected him and his family to the worst extent possible.

He said that Sharmeen Obaid can help this situation by making a public statement and help the doctor who has now ended up jobless with four kids to take care of. He said that apart from these famous personalities, other people are humans too and the issue could’ve been resolved in any other manner.

The news again caused an outrage on social media and people took to Facebook to take about their viewpoint.
Here are some of the posts:


Pakistan is clearly divided over the issue. This remains a fact that women in our society are not safe from harassment or sexual abuse, but at the same time using your influence, making a statement and then depriving someone of their chances of pursuing a career for sending a friend request is unfair as well.

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