Does AC play a part in spreading COVID-19? As summer approaches, here is all you need to know

A Chinese study has indicated that the COVID-19 may have spread among people at a restaurant due to its air conditioning.


Scientists believe that opening windows in office buildings, homes, and restaurants may prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A Chinese study has indicated that the COVID-19 may have spread among people at a restaurant due to its air conditioning.

The study was published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Case Study


According to the study, researchers had observed that ten COVID-19 patients from three different families had visited the same restaurant for dinner.

One of the families had just traveled from Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus in China. The three families dined at the restaurant while sitting at neighboring tables on January the 24th. Later that day, a person of the family coming from Wuhan experienced fever, cough, and went to the hospital.

By February the 5th, 9 people had contracted the coronavirus. All people were from families that had eaten at the restaurant.

The study authors found that the only cause of contact for all the infected people was the affected person of the Wuhan family.

The researchers also suggested that the virus might have transferred from the infected person to members of the other two families resulting in infections from intra-family transmission.

The Research attributed the outbreak of the virus to droplet transmission. However, it added that droplet transmission could not alone have had led to the outbreak as larger respiratory droplets remain in the air for only a short period and travel only less than one meter.

The distance among the infected person and members of the other two families was longer than one meter.

The study added that virus-laden small-aerosolized droplets could remain in the air and travel longer distances, which could have been assisted by the direction of the airflow.

The researchers concluded that in this outbreak, droplet transmission was driven by air-conditioning.

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