Donald Trump & Pakistan – Before Criticizing US For Trump Lets Do Some Our Own Soul Searching

America always played a significant role while influencing Pakistani politics and other state-related factors.
Due to this very reason, anything that happens in States is a point of concern for the entire nation. IF we say that our people are more interested in what’s going on in America as compared to our coutry, the statement holds true in a lot of contexts.

The same interest and concern was seen in Pakistan during the recent presidential elections conducted in America.
Major reservations were expressed regarding the win of Trump in the elections due to his extremist anti-Muslim policies.
However, the question is, whether Trump or Clinton, which American government won’t manipulate Pakistan to pursue their benefit?
The answer is none. We witnessed in the past as well that every American government used Pakistan as an instrument of personal gain.

The point that needs our urgent attention is that our success as a nation does not rely on who is United State’s president. Rather than investing our energy there, we need to dig out where the exact problem lies in our selves.

Acknowledgment is the first step towards betterment. We need to accept the flaws that exist in our structure rather than blaming it on foreign influencing factors. This definitely is a practical formula to initiate our journey on the road of betterment and progress.


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