Pakistan beats India with huge margin in World eSports earnings, thanks to Sumail Hassan

In 2015, Sumail joined ‘Evil Geniuses’- one of the best DOTA teams.


Pakistan’s e-sports industry has started to gain recognition as local gamers are getting sponsorships and recruitment deals from international brands. Recent example is Pakistani Tekken wizard Arslan Ash getting sponsored by a big international brand like Red Bull. He also won won two big titles and its prize money last year to Pakistan’s credit. Currently, Pakistan ranks 11th in the world in E-sports earnings. But for the major part we owe DOTA 2 champion Sumail Hassan a big thank you for it!

Sumail has helped Pakistan beat India in the world E-sports earnings. India, on the other hand, failed to enter the Top 500 list. The young gamer, who belongs to Karachi, started playing DOTA when he was only 8 years old. He started his career as a casual gamer after becoming influenced by his older brother Yawar Hassan.


Sumail faced many difficulties while pursuing his passion because there are not many opportunities for e-gamers in Pakistan, but all his hard work paid off. He played his first international tournament in 2010, where he emerged as a hero in the DOTA community by defeating some of Pakistan’s best players.

Two years later, he moved to Rosemont, United States with his entire family. There, the young prodigy played in the North American Elite League. In two years’ time, he climbed the rankings and established himself as an upcoming mid-player in DOTA 2.

In 2015, Sumail joined ‘Evil Geniuses’- one of the best DOTA teams.

“When I first met Sumail, I knew he was special and he will become one of the best DOTA players ever,” manager of Evil Geniuses Charlie Yang said.

His team performed poorly in the DOTA  Asian championship, but Sumail carried his team to the finals with his gaming character ‘Storm Spirit’. After his jaw-dropping performance in the tournament, he was later nicknamed as ‘Sumail Spirit’. Due to his passion, commitment and talent, his team ended up winning the $3 million event.

He didn’t stop there! Sumail went on to win The International – the biggest DOTA tournament in the world. At one point, he became the third highest-grossing e-sport player. In 2015, Sumail helped his team win the International Trophy. The trophy has his name engraved on it.

The 20-year-old is committed to his passion. He wants to change the e-sports sphere in Pakistan and motivate parents to let their children choose it as a ‘career’.

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