[VIDEO] This new double-seated mini-helicopter is all set to change aviation and help the police!

The creation in itself is a technological marvel.

In a remarkable achievement in the field of aviation, a Chinese entrepreneur has created a ‘double-seated mini-helicopter’. The invention is certain to change the police aviation sector as it has been very efficient in the rescue operations in Dongguan, South China.

Even though it is small and light, the ‘Kiwigogo A-One’ can carry around two people in it. The owner of the company that made the urban chopper, Deli Zhao, said that the helicopter will be used in patrolling. Using this, the policemen would be able to reach the scene of the crime as soon as possible.

One of the motors can work with 19,000 watts of power and can pull 120 kilograms at maximum. The airscrew is 170 cm in length, made of carbon fiber, and creates 150 kilograms of negative lift.

The creation in itself is a technological marvel. It gives a clear aerial view and will get the police personnel wherever they want to go in less time.



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