Dr. Abdul Qadeer expresses his disappointment as PM Khan has not inquired about his health

Dr. Abdul Qadeer said, "I am quite disappointed that neither the PM nor any of his cabinet members have inquired after my health."

Abdul QadeerOn Monday, nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who is currently under treatment in a hospital, complained that neither Prime Minister Imran Khan nor anyone from his cabinet members inquired after his health.

Speaking to a source, Dr. Abdul Qadeer said, “I am quite disappointed that neither the PM nor any of his cabinet members have inquired after my health.”

Dr. Khan, also known as Mohsin-i-Pakistan (savior of Pakistan), stated that when the whole nation was offering prayers for his recovery from the illness, not a single government representative had even made a telephone call to inquire about his health.

A.Q. Khan was admitted to Khan Research Laboratories Hospital on the 26th of August after testing positive for Covid-19. Later, he was transferred to a military hospital in Rawalpindi.

The 85-year-old was reportedly placed on a ventilator as his health deteriorated due to the infection.

However, his health is getting better, and he is likely to be shifted to his home soon.

While speaking about his health, the nuclear physicist said his condition was improving, and he was not getting oxygen artificially regularly.

He said, ” a team of qualified doctors would make my thorough check-up on Monday (today) and then decide whether I would have to stay further in the hospital or could go home.”

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in 1936 in Bhopal, India,  and immigrated with his family to Pakistan in 1947 after the partition of the subcontinent.

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    • wow. are you serious. that’s being so ungrateful. he is the most important hero for our defense. without him Pakistan would have ceased to exist. do you remember 1971. hundreds of khans can be sacrificed on a hero like Dr Qadeer.

        • there is no proof he sold atomic technology. and if he did it there is nothing wrong in it. how did atomic technology spread in the whole EU and west if nobody sold it to any other country.

  • Nayee nayee mohsin kush barsaati keeray a jatey hien comments kernay un cheezon per jin ka sirey sey ilm hi nhi hota
    Mohsin kush liberals
    We are grateful to have such heros who are slefless when it comes to seeving thier country
    Khan should have shown some courtesy of enquiring about Dr qadeer

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