Dr. Asim Hussain Reappointed As Chairman HEC Sindh As Per Notification Issued This Sunday

Among bizarre things that exclusively happen only in Pakistan, Dr. Asim Hussain has been ‘reappointed’ as the Chairman of Sindh Higher Education Commission as per the notification issued this Sunday.
He notification reads as follows:

‘’In continuation of this department’s notification of even number dated 28.1.2014 & in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 5 (1) of the Sindh Higher Education Commission Act-2013, the Chief Minister Sindh/ Controlling Authority has been pleased to re-appoint Dr. Asim as Chairperson, Sindh Higher Education Commission for one more similar term’’.

Though he has been reappointed as the HEC chairman, he enjoys the role of provincial minister as well. Not to forget that he has been in the middle of controversy previously on the similar position as well.
He was taken into custody by Sindh Rangers back in 2015 when he was found linked to providing medical assistance to terrorists in a hospital under his control.

Not just this, a close friend of Ex-President Asif Ali Zardari,  was also found involved in financial crimes, including the corruption references filed by NAB against him for 479 million rupees.
According to NAB, Dr. Asim was also involved in creating artificial gas shortage, that ultimately resulted in the horrific increase in the price of urea fertilizer, from Rs 850 to 1850!

The Federation Of All-Academic Association expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the decision, as his indulgence in crimes of such severity and bigger magnitude make him an ineligible person for the designation.
According to them, Dr. Asim previously didn’t perform his duty as Chairman Sindh Higher Education Commission with any effectiveness and efficiency as well.

Via Geo

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