Dr. Fiza Akbar Khan of Channel 7 News fired because of reporting facts about PMLN Rally

Dr. Fiza mysteriously fired from her job

Last night a video message appeared on social media where the famous Anchor Dr. Fiza Akbar Khan told her side of the story of getting fired from her job.She told in the video message that after the covering the famous “PMLN’s GT Road rally”, one fine day she discovered that she has been fired from her job.

You can hear her side of the story from her in this video message shared on Social Media.


The Sinister Approach of PMLN Government

Though the PMLN Government boasts of being the front line fighter of democracy and democratic values, the facts reported by the Anchor person run quite contrary to their hollow claims.

This is the video which allegedly got her into trouble

Most of us would have had watched the video some days back, as it went viral on social media. Perhaps it was the best of all the fact reporting videos which unearthed the true facts on the grounds.

Now, as reported by the anchor herself, this video became the locus of her unusual removal from the job.

She was only told this fact by one of her seniors, who is also working for the same channel and not named here, that the senior administration of the news channel received a threat from the sitting government that the organization will be deprived of government advertisements if removal of Dr. Fiza is not ensured.

This is a very sinister approach of the government and the misuse and misappropriation of the public resources. The poor anchor is not only removed from her job by this threat of the government, but was really humiliated when she ever tried to ask the grounds of her surprising dismissal.

The way PMLN Government is maneuvering the media through their power paints a very grim picture. We wonder if anyone could relate democracy even remotely to this attitude.

Is it something usual in the media community?

Adding insult to the injuries, the other media personalities and anchors also remain silent on this issue. Not even protesting on their personal social media accounts, about this unethical and nonprofessional attitude of the government and the Channel 7 News. Although a trend has been started with a hash-tag #ISTANDWITHFIZA on twitter, but it appears to be silently ignored by even her professional community.

It appears as if the journalist society has also turned numb on an incident like this. If this is the case, then it connotes a very serious implication, that such case are now a routine matter in the industry. That is why it is not given much importance. If this is the story behind the scenes, then this issue must be taken up by the political parties of Pakistan to ensure that the media industry is not maneuvered by a few in the power, and keep the people away from truth, needless to mention it also makes the industry much vulnerable for attracting talent as well.



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    Everyone knows Imran Khan don’t pay journalists, media houses, PTI Supporters & Workers or anyone else. He for the first time after Quaid is a genuine leader for whom people speak and fight for themselves. He is fighting for Pakistan and we will support him forever.

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