Dr Shahid Masood Makes A Comeback Garnering Massive Viewership

Senior journalist Dr Shahid Masood from Pakistan Television (PTV) Chairman was released on bail against a deposit of Rs500,000 as surety bands. He was apprehended in the PTV corruption case and was being investigated for alleged involvement in embezzlement of Rs. 38 million.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), he signed an agreement with a fake company to obtain the media rights for PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). On January 28th, he was granted bail. After his pictures, being held in handcuffs, went viral on social media, the internet community condemned the sight and led an organized online campaign asking for his release. Many people were of opinion that it is a fabricated case against him, webbed by the previous government. Some were of opinion that he’s being rejected by his own media fraternity because of the unique popularity he enjoys, as his shows have the highest ratings.

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The narrative further strengthened after no one from the media community talked about his bail, he also suffered a mini-heart stroke in the jail & struggled massively with his health during the period of his detention.

” Dr Shahid Masood in my view will have the highest TV ratings of his show, at least in the beginning. All anchors who became his opposers because of his ratings are probably going to become bigger opposers now. How Dr handles this surge in popularity will be a test for him” – wrote Mir Muhammad Ali Khan

And yes indeed, his comeback on the big TV screen is garnering massive viewership and following. The recent episodes of Live with Dr. Shahid Masood have clinched a tremendous amount of attention and the audience is loving the comeback.

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