Dr. Shahid Masood Reveals Shocking Details Of Zainab Rape-Murder Case : Watch Video Here

Zainab’s case has finally seen its final showdown after a man was presented as the culprit behind her case and the previous ones as well.   Purposefully referring to it as the culprit ‘presented’ as its still unsure if the people are satisfied by it. The current social media debate shows people are laking the trust, saying that the person caught on CCTV footage and the one caught isn’t the same.

Shahbaz Sharif turning Zainab’s father’s mic off during the press conference and Rana Sanaullah writing the script about what he should say and what he shouldn’t in front of the camera already made the entire scenario quite doubtful.

But Dr. Shahid Masood’s revelations have made it evident that there is a lot more to it than what is being shown.
Dr. Shahid says that calling the alleged culprit Imran as a daily wage worker or a mentally unfit person is absurd and an attempt to hide the actual details. He claims that Imran is part of an organized network selling child pornography internationally. He further added that it is a fully established business and these innocent kids are not only raped, but the brutality is filmed as well to be sold worldwide.

He further claimed that this man, Imran, has over 37 bank accounts, which shows how, through proper channel and organized activities, he has been profiting from all this as well. But the question arises that how he has been doing it so securely and safely for ages?
Dr. Shahid claimed that he is backed by reputable political names who are providing safe heavens to him and criminals like him, benefitting from it financially as well. Due to obvious lack of trust, he urged Chief Justice and Army Chief to conduct a proper investigation of the matter.

Watch here what he said:


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