Dr. Shahid Masood’s health conditions and reasons for being off-air from TV screen

  • Dr. Shahid Masood suffered from 15 to 16 episodes of the disease.
  • The doctors recommended him to stay away from the camera lights.
  • Doctors predicted the signs of Transient ischemic attack(TIA).
  • Both prosecution and the FIA failed to convince the court about his involvement in the embezzlement of 38 million.
Dr. Shahid Masood is currently absent from his show because he’s gone abroad for a detailed checkup; Siddique Jan.

Investigative journalist Siddique Jan explained the health conditions of anchorperson and senior journalist Dr.Shahid Masood and told that Dr. Shahid has been upset because he suffered from 15 to 16 episodes of the disease and doctors also recommended him to stay away from the camera lights along with many other precautions. He has gone abroad for medical treatment and he will again continue his show as soon as he gets better medically, Siddique Jan added.

This is the reason why he is not doing his show LWDSM that is currently aired from GNN. He has been associated and worked with several media houses including ARY, Geo News, PTV, NewsOne from time to time. Telling about his health Dr.Shahid Masood shared a post on his Twitter account yesterday in which he asked for prayers.

He was taken into custody in the later parts of the year 2018 by FIA for alleged embezzlement of 38 million rupees which he denied in his show. Both the prosecution and the FIA, later on, failed to convince the court that he embezzled 38 million PKR and the court grant him bail against the surety bond of 500,000 PKR.


Dr. Shahid Masood remained admitted in PIMS Hospital. He was found unconscious on December 5, 2018, in the prison at around 7:00am. His treatment was continued since then and doctors predicted the signs of Transient ischemic attack(TIA), Adeel Warraich who is a special correspondent at Dunya News reported.


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Doctors later told that clot has moved on but left a part of his brain damage and this damage can have so many consequences on the bodily and mental health of a person. A medical board was formed to ascertain the exact reason for clot formation, he reported while further explaining about the health conditions of Dr. Shahid Masood.

What is a Transient ischemic attack?

TIA is basically a brief episode of neurological dysfunction caused by the loss of blood flow without infarction. It triggers the same symptoms as in stroke in which clot formation creates blockages in the supply of blood. TIA can have many reasons besides family history and consistent stress can aggravate the condition of the patient as per new studies.



  • I must say that the man who put him in jail and handcuffued him publicly is a criminal must be punished but who will do it.
    Mohammad Afzal Barkat

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