Dr. Yasmin Rashid disseminates the fraudulent history of Maryam Nawaz’s education

  • The politics of Maryam Nawaz has long been discredited, says Kamran Shahid of Dunya News.
  • Maryam Nawaz possesses the educational carrier backed by the political influence of Nawaz Sharif; Dr. Yasmin Rashid of PTI.
  • Nawaz Sharif forcefully expelled the then principal of the Kinnaird College after she withheld her daughter’s admission.
  • Maryam Nawaz failed to produce transcripts of her degree before Lahore High Court.



Posted by Political videos on Thursday, May 23, 2019


Dr. Yasmin Rashid of the PTI put forward serious allegations and raised many eye-opener questions regarding the educational background of PML-N’s defacto leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif threw out the principal of the Kinnaird College Lahore when she merely refused to give admission to Maryam, tells Yasmin Rashid of the PTI.

The principal, however, made a come back amid protests by the students of the Kinnaird College. Dignity and credibility of College’s principal were put in the controversy only because she withheld the admission of Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Afterward, she was migrated to King Edward Medical College Lahore, the college where only the cream of Punjab could get admission. She had been in the Army Medical College only for three calendar months beforehand her migration to the top level college of Lahore.

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All that happened due to the power of Maryam’s father, she further says. Nawaz Sharif was the Chief Minister of Punjab by the time when Maryam did her matriculation. Nawaz Sharif yet again used his political power and authority for the admission of her lone daughter to King Edward Medical College, Dr. Yasmin Rashid alleged.

Maryam Nawaz earned her educational degrees through kickbacks; Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

Soon the progress report of Maryam Nawaz showed the insufficient attendance for which a Zoology professor restricted her admission into the next standard. The same professor had to meet the faith of the principal of Kinnaird College, tells Yasmin. If a child got that kind of training then what good can be expected from its behavior.

Misuse of Authority by PM Nawaz Sharif

The three-time premier of Pakistan misused his political powers just to please her daughter. He threatened the teachers and administration of the educational institutions just for the sake of her daughter’s entry into the top colleges. It is said that the power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and the example of PM Sharif fell flat on it. The holder of the country’s highest office abrogated the rules for self-gain, says Yasmin Rashid who currently held the portfolio of Health Minister of Punjab.

Earlier, the appointment of Maryam Nawaz as a Chairperson Youth Scheme was challenged and she had to give up the position because she failed to produce the transcript of her degrees before the court.

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