Is Drama Serial ‘Baaghi’ Showing Qandeel Baloch As A Feminist Icon?

Controversial, rebellious and revolutionary, whatever you would like to call her, but for a while, Qandeel Baloch did make her presence felt.
Qandeel’s character is complex and her intentions were confusing. She said many times that she is only highlighting the hypocritical standards of the society and her course of action is a ‘revenge’, however, this revenge benefitted her quite a lot especially monetarily.

Qandeel was willing to go to any extent to fulfill her dreams and she had detected what the public wanted to see from the very beginning. But whether her brother’s ‘ghairat’ or an aftermath of the bizarre encounter with Maulvi Qawwi, Qandeel’s fate ultimately was also decided at the hands of a man.

After her murder rose the discussions of how the society turned Fouzia Batool into Qandeel Baloch and how we somehow did play a part in the horrible end of her story.
A biopic named Baaghi, that basically tells the story of Qandeel’s life, took over television like a storm and more than a million views on the first episode itself showed how confused or we should say weirdly fascinated people were by her story.

Baaghi started with an intention of teaching a moral lesson to the society, however, has so far only portrayed her as the typical TV drama’s ‘bechaari’ heroine. There may be a difference of opinion here and we welcome that, but the serial has pretty much improvised to its viewers that if the men in her life i.e her egoistic brother and cheating husband were fair to her, she wouldn’t have done what she did, ultimately shifting away the blame.
We still are quite unsure of the circumstances and where stands the truth as Baaghi is based on assumptions, but the serial that had the goal of showing the society that two wrongs don’t make a right has only glorified her character. The only difference between a typical drama heroine and Qandeel is that she is loud, headstrong, determined and focused.
Prior to this, Sadaf Haider, writer to Dawn Images also raised some important questions in her well-explained dissection of the drama. As said by her

”This is where Baaghi misses the point: no one needs to approve of anyone to disapprove of murder.”
Read her review here

Although Baaghi’s Qandeel is only a fiction and far disconnected to the real-life Qandeel,  the large viewership drama serial has webbed is due to its relevance to her. Slowly but effectively her actions have found a justification and approval through this, and that we cannot deny.

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