4 things that make our expectations shoot up HIGH for drama serial ‘Mushk’

What makes Mushk so special?

It is raining dramas this week and the latest to go on-air is the TV serial Mushk. Starring Imran Ashraf, Urwa Hocane, Momal Sheikh, and Osama Tahir in key roles, the play is anything but a cliched story. It seems that every character has multiple layers, and it is about love in all forms, which is evident through the very first episode.

But, what makes Mushk so special? Here we have made a list of the things we absolutely love about the serial:

The Cast

Urwa makes a return to the small screen with Mushk and is a treat to watch as Guddi. Seeing Imran Ashraf in his acting glory is always a delight.

The drama serial also stars Osama Tahir as Shayan, who has proven his mettle with recent shows.

The Story

Mushk is nothing like the usual clichéd presentations; the drama serial offers a new narrative. The drama opens in a rural setting as Mehek (Momal Sheikh) returns home after two years. Mehek’s grandfather blindly trusts her and does not deny any of her wishes. She brings along another young woman Guddi (Urwa Hocane), and a newborn. Mehak presents the child as Guddi’s, but it is in fact, her own child. Mehek begs the former to maintain her secret.  but Guddi, on the other hand, is very outrageous and is probably doing this for money.

The Dialogues

The actor-turned-writer Imran Ashraf takes the writer’s seat for this one. The strong sense of dialogue and layers to the writing ensures that Imran has done justice to each part of the screenplay.

The Direction

Aehsun Talish has done an excellent job behind the camera, as the direction is impeccable, and we feel that each scene has been hashed out in a way that it remains impactful. What more can a TV-viewer ask for!

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