Drug And Narcotics Consumption At Rise In Karachi Universities – Report Reveals

In an attempt to curb down the use of narcotics with severe health implications, Special Branch Police has compiled a report about drug usage in Sindh’s provincial capital, Karachi. The report found out that not only is the practice common in city’s universities, but it, in fact, is more common in institutions located in more privileged and posh localities.

As per the local news source, the urgency of the situation has sprung province’s police chief IG Dr Kaleem Imam in action and he has ordered immediate swift action against the drug peddlers.

The report has primarily found young men and women involved in the selling of narcotics in educational institutions. As per the investigations lead by Special Police Branch, a peddler named Ismail Hussain is actively supplying Ice, opium and hashish in Defence Housing Authority (DHA). Not too long ago few young deaths due to over consumption of Ice moved the internet, asking for strict action against sellers as well.

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Another seller named Fahad Yaqeeb was also identified who sells cigarette filled with hashish in Rs 100 each. The report also alleged that the drugs and hazardous narcotics are openly consumed in Sociology department of University of Karachi but no action is taken against those involved.

Drug consumption, especially among the youth, is a grave challenge of current times. UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) indicated that about 800,000 Pakistanis are dependent on heroin and consume it on daily basis. United States of America, that is the biggest drug consumer worldwide, is below Pakistan in heroin consumption.

According to United Nation statistics, the total number of drug addicts in Pakistan stands at 7.6 million – 78% male while 22% female.

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