Dua Mangi answers all the questions regarding her kidnapping in a detailed Facebook post

Dua shuts up all the trolls and questions about her kidnapping!

Dua Mangi was kidnapped from Karachi’s Bukhari Commercial in November last year. She stated that she was strolling outside a tea hotel with Haris Faten, her friend, when she was seized by two people and forcefully pulled into the car. Haris was shot in an attempt to protect her.faceb

According to Dua, she heard loud noises and shots getting fired simultaneously. She said that she could not see anything the entire time because her abductors had blindfolded her.

However, her kidnapping became a national hot topic as she was accused of ‘staging’ her own kidnapping and of course, for wearing a dress that was too provocative.

She has shut down all the trolls and answered all the questions once and for all in a detailed Facebook post. Here is what she wrote:

”I’m so tired of all the misinformation and conspiracy theories revolving around my case. I will address these questions once and for all and then I’d appreciate it if you all stop talking crap because all this emotionally and mentally drains me.

-Why haven’t you been helping with the case?
this is a high profile case and I’m not allowed to disclose any information. but I have been doing everything I can to make sure the perpetrators get caught.

-How were you able to come back home safe and unharmed?
I was kidnapped for ransom. they let me go after the ransom exchange. this is literally what kidnapping for ransom is like.

-Why didn’t your family cooperate with the forces?
my family did cooperate with them and is still cooperating. please stop assuming and believing everything that’s said on sensationalist social media pages.

-Were you kidnapped for personal reasons?
No, it was a random pick up. it could’ve happened to anyone.

-Why did Haris get shot?
Haris got shot while protecting me. the kidnappers wanted him to back off but he wasn’t letting go of me.

-Why isn’t Haris receiving the same limelight as you?
I did not want to be kidnapped. Haris did not want to be shot. we didn’t get into these situations for glory. it doesn’t even matter to us who’s more talked about and who’s not ffs. we’re happy to be alive and well.

-Why aren’t the victims’ families talking to the media?
why do you guys find problems with everything? so we’re seeking attention when we do talk to the media and we’re hiding information when we don’t? nice.

-Haris tou friend zone hougaya?
Honestly, this one sickens me. the friend zone doesn’t exist and my relationship with Haris is none of anyone’s concern. please quit this weird obsession with our relationship status”.

i’m so tired of all the misinformation and conspiracy theories revolving around my case. i will address these questions…

Posted by Dua Nisar Mangi on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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  • Even if it was just for ransom which I doubt, it was being said that they thought she was from a rich family by her dressing.

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