”Dua Mangi was kidnapped because her dressing made them think she belongs to a rich family”

Sharjeel Kharal, DIG South, has refused to speak about the Dua Mangi case and her official statements.

The kidnapping and release of twenty-year-old Dua Nisar Mangi, a law student, remains a mystery, leaving it a riddle with a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. 

Dua Mangi, who was abducted by unknown people and just got released, officially made a statement this Monday. It has been making the rounds recently that her family had to pay a hefty sum of money for their daughter’s release.
As reported by media, the traumatized girl addressed the police that she was chained by her kidnappers while she was abducted. She says she was kept in a room somewhere in an isolated area, but she cannot certainly pinpoint the location. The distraught Dua Mangi further told that she was told by her kidnappers that she had been kidnapped by mistake because of the way she dresses up. According to the sources, Dua wasn’t hurt or mistreated in any way.
Dua Mangi further reported that her sister informed her kidnappers through a WhatsApp video of their lower-middle-class living and mediocre house in Korangi, due to which the kidnappers dropped their demand for money.

Confusion still circles the case:

The session of Dua Mangi was attended by senior LEA officials; it is where they asked her various questions about the kidnappers, their profile, appearance, language, and how they behaved and carried themselves. All these questions were asked so that the gang of kidnappers can be successfully identified and sentenced. Apart from that, they also inquired Dua Mangi about the location she was kept at.
However, Sharjeel Kharal, DIG South, has refused to speak about the Dua Mangi case and her official statements. Nevertheless, the case of Dua Mangi continues to be mysterious and confusing.
Dua Mangi was kidnapped on 30th November in Karachi while she was out with her friend, Haris. Haris, when tried to resist, was shot multiple times. He is currently under treatment in Agha Khan Hospital Karachi.
The story first published in The News International.

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