Ducky Bhai faces Serious Public Backlash for calling TikTokers Cringy and Talent-less

YouTube vs TikTok continues!

Many Pakistanis were provoked as soon as India banned the TikTok app. Several residents of Pakistan were of the view that the government should do the same here.

The YouTuber, Ducky Bhai, is one of the many people favoring the ban of TikTok in Pakistan. The renowned Pakistani YouTube star took to Twitter to publicly share his opinion on the matter. He tweeted that if Pakistan is to ban the lip-syncing app, less cringy and talented people are welcome to join YouTube instead:

Ducky Bhai indirectly called the Tiktok community talent-less and cringy in his tweet. As soon as the tweet garnered attention, people came for him!

Ducky Bhai’s tweet seriously backfired, as people started posting his cringy and talent-less take on TikTok:

Some wanted Ducky Bhai to take a good look at his own content before pointing fingers at others:

People found his tweet ironic:

Others called him out for copying an Indian YouTuber:

And the shade did not stop there!


People replied to Ducky Bhai’s tweet with his previously posted content, and it was hilarious:

Even people who were not big fans of TikTok came to defend the TikTokers against Ducky Bhai’s words:

While the sarcasm played well for some, others replied to Ducky Bhai’s tweet with questions that hushed his statement:

Many people straight up declared that TikTok content was better than his content:

Things kept getting savage:

Some people just made him realize that Pakistan is a free country and so are its people:

Some people wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine:

While most people responded to Ducky Bhai’s tweet by shading him and defending TikTokers, others politely brought facts into the argument to defend the App:

No doubt #TikTok is infested with idiots, but lets not undermine the App. It has pretty good potential. Plus, content-creators need a deterrence for #Youtube. Tiktok has that capacity to do that if it grooms up. Moreover, Youtube would give more importance to creators if it sees a competitor.

— Fahad Kahut (@KahutFahad) June 30, 2020

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  • Just watched a couple of clips of his youtube ‘talented’ videos…..and puked.

    Thanks but no thanks. Id rather watch a 5 second tiktok video, than 5 minutes of this clown.

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