E-Challan System Initiated In Lahore

Taking a step further to ensure road safety and overcoming Lahore’s terrible traffic situation, E-Challan has been successfully launched in Lahore. The system went live today after passing a trial phase in Islamabad. The E-Challan System primarily works in the similar fashion as in Islamabad. Various CCTV cameras have been installed near signals, at traffic junctions and various roads of the provincial capital to strictly keep an eye on traffic violations.

When an individual violates traffic law on the road, the camera captures the car’s number plate. Then a challan is generated and is sent off to the offender’s home by courier. Since all the details with visual evidence are attached to the challan, it saves the violator from any sort of ambiguity. Another positive aspect associated with launching the E-Challan system is that it will keep track of all the traffic violations that have been previously committed as well. So, if an individual is found breaking the law repeatedly, the Punjab Police will take action against them by locking their vehicle. The vehicle can be impounded in accordance with ‘Provincial Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965’ for displaying irresponsible behaviour during driving.

Furthermore, you can call on emergency helpline (15) to know more about the new E-Challan system and its working. Hence, from today onwards people in Lahore need to show extra vigilance while being on the road to avoid trouble and to protect the lives of the passengers simultaneously.

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If the challan is not cleared, Police also has the authority to confiscate the vehicles. With ensuring smooth traffic and efficiency in regulation, the initiation of the system is a major breakthrough in killing criticism on the department, which is often called out for being outdated and sluggish.

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