Earn 100,000 or more with these 5 freelance jobs during the pandemic

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Stats show that people and businesses are now shifting to freelancing and remote work.

A major paradigm shift has taken place in Pakistan: the rise of freelancing and remote work. The pandemic is driving this shift.

Upwork chief economist Adam Ozimek said:

This will be a massive year for remote work. People will learn that this is a long-term trend, not a temporary blip in people’s work.

Ozimek further explained:

Our research shows the long-lasting impact that remote work and Covid-19 are likely to have on how hiring managers think about their organizations. Companies are adopting new work models, and they are now developing long-term remote policies for their employees.  We will see these plans roll out in 2021.

According to the Upwork chief economist, companies of all sizes, from large multinationals (such as Facebook) to SMBs, are planning a long-term remote work strategy to tap talent and cut operational costs. Most HR experts believe a hybrid model will emerge that will combine remote work and onsite work.

Remote job growth has also grown across industries like finance, banking, insurance, health care, and real estate. Despite the slowdown in the economy and job losses, opportunities are increasing for those who like to freelance and work at home. 

What is remote work?

Definition of Remote Work

The term “remote work” can mean anything from working remotely just a few days a week (and the rest in the office) to being 100% remote. A remote job has many benefits:

  • It allows employees to save time and money on the commute.
  • It allows people more control over their work schedule and environment.
  • It expands the company’s talent pool and increases retention.

If you’re looking to land a high-paying remote job, an effective strategy is to search using different keywords (e.g., “work from home,” “virtual,” “telecommute,” “flexible,” “part-time,” and “partial remote”). Pair these keywords with related job titles or skill sets (e.g., “work from home project manager” or “telecommute WordPress”).

Here are some popular and profitable remote working opportunities.

Here is a list of some in-demand, high-paying freelance jobs for freelancing Pakistanis by Upwork that can earn you a salary of $100,000 or more:

  1. Administration

Sample careers: System administrator; virtualization engineer; cloud infrastructure architect; network/ security engineer

Average hourly salary: $69

  1. Search Engine Marketing

Sample careers: digital marketing expert; PPC/SEM/analytics expert; digital marketing strategist

Average hourly salary: $66

  1. Product Design

Sample careers: Product design engineer; UI designer, UX designer

Average hourly salary: $61

  1. Mobile Development

Sample careers: Professional react native developer: IOS, Android mobile apps full-stack developer; iOS app developer

Average hourly salary: $58

  1. Email and Marketing Automation

Sample careers: Demand generation specialist; email strategist; email designer and developer

Average hourly salary: $61

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