Earning millions on YouTube by cooking: Read Amna Riaz’s inspiring story HERE

"Among many, most of my family members also discouraged me in the beginning," Amna Riaz.

Being a social media celebrity is the new trend that has spread around the world like fire. More than a star, though, what makes one more established on social media is showing their talent to the world.

In the past few years, Pakistan has witnessed a huge boom in its YouTube stars, and we all have seen many channels and YouTubers emerging from different parts of the country. With subjects such as traveling, technology, beauty, and vlogging, food is now more trending than ever, and Pakistanis are catching up to it.

While we majorly see male Pakistani YouTubers, here we have a female YouTuber who is showcasing her talent and adding Tarka to it.

Amna Riaz is one of the female YouTubers in Pakistan who has proved her mettle with hard work and dedication. Amna owns a food-related channel – ‘Kitchen with Amna,’ and she was the first female YouTuber from Pakistan to cross 1 million subscribers.

Amna has become a household name, with a jaw-dropping following of more than 3.47 million fans on YouTube and 90.4K on Instagram.

It has become a significant milestone for a country that is known as a conservative society.

In a recent interview, Amna shared how her journey started on YouTube and what difficulties she encountered when she first started.

”In 2015, I shot a short video clip on my mobile phone solely for entertainment and fun purposes. I didn’t know how to speak or have good crockery. But I did not care about it.”

“Among many, most of my family members also discouraged me in the beginning. However, my brother and I wanted to do it, and so we did it. Although a lot of people showered hateful comments yet, we did not bat an eye.”

Here is Amna Riaz’s interview, have a look!

Amna’s message to all the young ladies out there:

If you like Pakistani, Indian, and Continental cuisines, Kitchen with Amna can help you with her amazing recipes.

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