eBay penalizes employees for sending the customers ‘live cockroaches’ and ‘bloody pig face masks’

The team even shipped a book with the title ‘surviving the loss of a spouse’ to the victims and sympathy ‘wreath’ from a florist.

Six ex-eBay workers have been fined due to their ‘aggressive cyber-stalking campaign’. According to the reports, they were targeting a couple, sending them online threats, abuses and emotionally manipulating them by mailing bloody pig face masks, live insects, and even driving to their home in Massachusetts to stalk them.

The Director of Global Resiliency at eBay David Harville, a former police captain Brian Gilbert, Resiliency Director James Baugh, and the Senior Manager of Global Intelligence Stephanie Popp were found involved in the crime, as stated by the Department of Justice.

A fake account was also created by the accused to insult the editor of the newsletter and her husband. They went as far as threatening the couple in-person. The group stalked the duo to find proof of their involvement with troll commentators and decided to put a tracking device in their car.

These are texts between an anonymous eBay Executive and James Baugh


Sending larvae in a box, live spiders, cockroaches

The team even shipped fly larvae in a box, live spiders, cockroaches, a book with the title ‘surviving the loss of a spouse’ to the victims and sympathy ‘wreath’ from a florist. Moreover, a preserved fetal pig was also sent but not delivered.

The law enforcement informed eBay about the harassment case in August 2019. As a response to this, the company fired all the employees involved and informed that this kind of attitude is ’not’ tolerable.

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