‘We don’t know if our reporters are alive or dead’, Kashmir Times Editor Anuradha Bhasin

''There is no one to verify fake news, and the officials who use brief media aren’t speaking up. ''

Tensions continue in Kashmir after the abolition of article 370 on August 5 by India. However, the 43 days of lockdown have proven to be dangerous for reporters and journalists. Journalists are forced to continue doing their work from Delhi, despite 300 people being detained. Social activists are saying that they have been forbidden from going to Srinagar’s high court to file petitions.

On Monday, Supreme Court got a report from J&K High Court Chief Justice on people facing difficulty in getting in contact with the Srinagar Wing of High Court.
Ranjan Gogoi, the Chief Justice of India, said that if this was the case, then it’s very serious as the lawyer before the bench claimed.

CJI (Chief Justice India) later on said that he would visit Kashmir and take notice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court, if necessary. He suggested this after hearing the plea that Anuradha Bhasin, the Editor of Kashmir Times, filed along with Enakshi Ganguly, child rights activist and Professor Shanta Sinha. In an interview with Logical India, Anuradha Bhasin talked about Kashmir’s ongoing crisis.

43 days of lockdown:

While talking about Kashmir, Anuradha Bhasin said that after 43 days of lockdown, not much difference has come in Kashmir’s situation. Now, however, people can move around more and the restrictions have eased. Journalists face lesser restrictions too. But as per reports, transportation is still stopped.

She stated that the majority of people do not have landlines. Across the valley, there are a total of one lakh landline phones and offices. People have their private landline disconnected since they became redundant after mobile phones. Kashmir Media Centre is the only medium of news transmission and is experiencing over-crowdedness.  

Further on, she stated that communication restriction is causing a lot of problems. There is no one to verify fake news, and the officials who use brief media aren’t speaking up. They say they aren’t entitled to release any kind of information.

While talking about the on-going issue, Anuradha said that they were in touch with 7-8 reporters in Srinagar. They aren’t in touch with their journalists in other areas, and they don’t even know whether or not they’re alive.

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