The new Shenzhen? Egyptian investors can also benefit from Gwadar

Chairman Senate stated that Egyptian investors could invest in fisheries, livestock, minerals, services, and others to strengthen the bond between the countries.

The Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, in a meeting with Egyptian Ambassador, Tarek Dahroug, at the Parliament House on Wednesday said:

Gwadar is the future hub of the world trade, and the Egyptian investors can benefit from this opportunity. In this regard, the Senate of Pakistan is ready to provide any support needed in coordination with the provincial governments or relevant departments.

The Chairman Senate stated that Egypt has been a center of ancient civilization, culture, and traditions. It is a significant part of the global community due to its rich history. Bearing this in mind, he said that Pakistan attaches enormous importance to its ties with Egypt, as it is deeply rooted in history, and also due to the common religion as well as shared values and traditions.

Thus, the Chairman Senate stated that Egyptian investors could invest in fisheries, livestock, minerals, services, and others to strengthen the bond between the countries. Moreover, he emphasized enhancing the collaboration between the two countries in the field of education by calling for more exchange student opportunities.

He believes that students can serve as the best cultural ambassadors for any state. Furthermore, he added that such initiatives will also help in further cementing the countries\\’ relationship.

The Chairman Senate thinks steps need to be taken to establish relations on the level of masses and the Parliaments by increased Parliamentary exchanges and diplomacy. To make this possible, he enlightened the Egyptian Ambassador with the initiative of the International Parliamentarians\\’ Congress. He extended an invitation to Egyptian Parliamentarians to become a part of this unique forum. The Chairman Senate also extended an invitation to the Chairman of the Egyptian Majlis-e-Nawab to visit Pakistan, along with the Parliamentary and business delegations, to explore avenues of cooperation.

In the meeting, the Chairman Senate also told the Egyptian Ambassador about the platform of the  PIPS, saying that both sides can learn from each other\\’s experiences in the areas of the legislative process, especially considering the laws which pertain to Islamic Jurisprudence.

The two also talked about the difficulties that resulted from the pandemic. The Chairman Senate observed that these problems had provided them with the opportunity to think about avenues where the global community can come together and work together on mutual issues. The Egyptian Ambassador agreed with this viewpoint and said that Pakistan and Egypt would benefit more from more frequent Parliamentary exchanges and business investments.

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  • Unless we provide security to residents and investors it will be hard for any foreign investor to do any business in Pakistan. Our judiciary if FKDUP, there is no justice found, how do we expect any one from the civilized world to invest in a wild country, thats what we are at this moment. If things get in control, if examples are displayed by punishments to corrupt people many Pakistanis who live in foreign will come and invest in billions. But I don’t see that happening.

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