Ehsaas Program ranked among world’s top 4 social protection plans during the COVID-19 pandemic

This was based on the percentage of population covered amid the third wave of the COVID-19 outbreak country.

World Bank DefinitionThe World Bank has classified Pakistan’s Ehsaas Emergency Cash (EEC) program among the top four global social protection measures.

This was based on the percentage of population covered amid the third wave of the COVID-19 outbreak country.

In its report disclosed on Saturday, the World Bank lauded the South Asian nation’s initiative to provide a one-time cash grant of ₨. 12,000 ($77) to around 100 million low-income households. 

“In Pakistan, where social insurance coverage is shallow, the filters included having a public sector worker in the household, vehicle & property ownership and the amount spent on telephone bills,” the World Bank report said. 

How to Apply for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program - How To

“This approach was most beneficial when the social registry included a large part of the population, and the information on households was up to date,” it added. 

In a Twitter post on Saturday, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation & Social Protection, Senator Sania Nishtar, who is also leading the EEC program, said: “Pakistan is 3rd worldwide in terms of percentage of population covered.” 

“World Bank recognizes #EhsaasEmergencyCash among the top 4 social protection interventions globally regarding the number of people covered. Pakistan is 3rd globally in terms of the percentage of population covered. 

According to the report, a relief package worth ₨. 1.2 trillion was announced by the Pakistani government in March last year, “which has been almost fully implemented,”.

The package included:

  • An accelerated procurement of wheat.
  • Financial support to utility stores.
  • A reduction in regulated fuel prices.
  • Support for health and food supplies and relief in electricity bill payments.

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