Eight heartbreaking stories of Palestinians that everyone must read

Tensions in the Middle East have caused alarm across the world. Leaders are now weighing in on the deadly Israel-Palestine conflict to try to bring an end to the monstrosity. People all over the world have taken to streets and social media platforms to stage protests against the evil being committed in Palestine.

Regardless of the widespread uprisings around the world, the Israeli army continues to launch hundreds of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. Thousands of rockets have been launched on Palestine and buildings have been turned to rubble with the never-ending bombing.

Countless Palestinians have lost their lives to date, including an enormous amount of women and children. According to sources, on average 3 children are being killed in Palestine every hour. The Gaza strip is the deadliest zone in the world right now as Israeli incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound have begun again. Palestinians struggle to survive as raids on the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood Sheikh Jarrah continue while a brutal Israeli military randomly kills and abuses many Palestinians.

In all this chaos, many heart-wrenching stories of Palestinians have surfaced on social media platforms. Today, we bring you eight similar stories; reading these will break your hearts into a million pieces:

All these people yearn for help from the world authorities. The situation in Palestine continues to worsen and hope is gradually fading for the sufferers. Only time will tell what will become of the land and its brave people.

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