Eight robberies reported in one single day in Rawalpindi

Eight robberies were reported in different areas on Sunday.


Eight robberies were reported in Rawalpindi on Sunday. According to Police reports, seven to eight robbers were at the Potohar Division.

Robberies that Took Place in Rawalpindi

Muhammad Ashraf was robbed outside the ATM booth after he withdrew Rs 55,000 in Satellite town. He was held at gunpoint by two unidentified men who stole the cash and ran away.

Harron Tariq reported to the Cantt Police that he and his two friends are robbed. Haroon and his friend, Rashid and Banni Amin, were at a shop. Two individuals entered the shop. They stole Rs 100,000 from Banni Amin, Rs 5000 from Rashid, and Rs 12000 from Haroon and fled.

The Cantt police also received a complaint by Bilal Anwar, who was standing by the road when two men snatched his cell phone and escaped.

The biggest robbery that took place was on Saturday at the Civil Lines area when two unidentified men raided a shop and stole Rs 379,000.

The initial investigation shows that two or three people were behind all the incidents of robberies, but the police have still failed to act vigilantly and arrest the culprits.

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