Today’s motivation: An engineering student who runs a gola ganda stall

The key of success lies in starting small and thinking big. This engineering student from NED is breaking stereotypes with his gola ganda stall.

A student from NED University is breaking stereotypes with his gola ganda and limca stall in Malir. Making headlines everywhere, Muneeb Nagori has become an inspiration for the youth who wants to start something of his own with the limited resources they have.

Pakistan has a sizable unemployed population which is unemployed. Being countries with one of the most unemployed youth and limited job opportunities. Hence, it is important to raise awareness on the alternate options.

As per ILO*’s statistics, 10.8% of the people between age 15 to 24 are unemployed in Pakistan. What’s more unfortunate is that all countries in the region except Srilanka have better job opportunities to offer.

The report also revealed the following statistics:

  • There are 3.5 million unemployed individuals in the working-age group.
  • At the current rate, Pakistan at least needs to create 0.9 jobs every year over the next five years.
  • 3 million People will be added annually to the working-age class.The report also suggested that there needs to be a trade-off between quality and quantity of jobs as right now, quantity is the priority. If more jobs aren’t created, unemployed individuals can reach 43 million by the year 2050.

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    The report further warned that to employ the youth, we need to trade off quality with quantity. Which means that if there will be enough jobs for everyone, the job ‘won’t be enough’ to make the ends meet.

    Start small, think big:

    To start your own business, you do not necessarily need heavy investment and large operating magnitude. All it needs is determination, direction and resilience to face the challenges. This is exactly what our hero entrepreneur Muneeb Nagori believes.

    Speaking to a local news source, Muneeb encouraged people should start something with the limited resources they have and need to quit waiting for the opportunities to come around.

    “Start small, think big. Think of the resources you already have and try to start something with it”

He believes that students don’t have to wait until graduation to do something they love. He started his own printing service by using a printer at home. Initially, his mai customers were his friends and neighbours. Soon he was dealing with corporate clients. The student also started a video editing service.

He is a student of the third year of civil engineering and has indulged himself in multiple tasks since a very early age in an urge to build something of his own.

He comes from a financially stable family and is doing all this purely pursuing his passion. He believes that we need to stand on our feet and pursue what we love at all costs.

What do you need to start your own business?

Harvard Business School study of Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills


If you have a passion to pursue, focus to stay determined and attentive towards the goal you are heading, you can build something from the scrap even from limited resources. You don’t need to wait for tomorrow do for an ‘ideal’ time to come around.

You need to take this time and make it ideal. It is what Muneeb teaches us and is need of the hour as well.

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