We might see THIS Ertugrul star in Pakistani drama and movies soon!

Esre Bilgic recently signed a number of contracts with Pakistani fashion brands.


People have fallen head over heels in love with the new drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul. The series has earned a lot of popularity in the country, and people cannot have enough of it. After Esra Bilgic, people are digging more and more in the life of the male lead actor.

Engin Altan Duzyatan plays the most notable character, Ertugrul. He has become the heartthrob of the nation after showcasing his exceptional acting skills.

Although the Turkish actor has been a part of many other Turkish series yet, Dirilis: Ertugrul has undoubtedly turned out as a most needed kick to his career.

After the Turkish series Ertugrul earned record-breaking views in Pakistan, the news didn’t go unnoticed by the cast of the series. They couldn’t avoid expressing gratitude toward their Pakistani fans and made sure to send lots of affection their way!

The 40-years-old actor, Engin, also took to his Instagram to share the cheerful news and thanked all his Pakistani fans for their overwhelming response and expressed the desire to visit Pakistan.

While Esra Bilgic has signed a few contracts in Pakistan, in a recent interview, Engin also shared that he would love to work in Pakistani films and dramas.


He expressed that the love he has received from Pakistani people is unbelievable.

He also sent out heartiest Eid wishes to all his followers this Eid ul Adha.

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  • Pakistan – Turk Dosti keliye aur is actor ki zaat keliye bhi behtar hai ke aisa naa ho. Abhi hum itnay taleem yafta nahi, aur ziyada arsay kisi ko pasand kartay rehna hamari adat nahi. Phir aik tabqa hai jo khugharzi may kisis ko kuch bhi keh sakta hay, lehaza ye munasib nahi lagta ke aisa ho, baqi jo Allah ko manzoor.

  • Waiting for ertugrul team to come and meet us and brilliantly acted in Drilliş ertugrul

  • Modelling seems okay. However, they SHOULD stay away from the drama and film industry people of Pakistan. They are not aware of the fact….. from where the majority of our actresses and actors come from!

    • Not whole Pakistani industry… i think you should watch drama Alif,Alif Allah r insan,and movie bol.. your opinion about whole industry will b change after watching these dramas and movie

      • Movie Bol. What a shity thing i have ever seen…
        What r u talking about girl…some people in this country r full of Islamophobia and hate.

  • Ertugrul and the turkish crew must stay away from pakistani stupid drama and film industry who threw away hashir azeem and only make chichorye dramas on foreign funds to please the west for promoting their vulgur culture and to betray muslims from pity and shariat.

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