Ertugrul’s producer hints at working on joint projects with Pakistan

"I am confused that we did not make any joint ventures to this day, and we call each other brother countries," Bozdag.


Famous Turkish drama serial Resurrection: Ertugrul is all set to break the world record for the most new subscribers on YouTube. The serial has become a significant hit in Pakistan, and its producer is ready to take steps for a co-production.

Speaking to a source, Mehmet Bozdag, the producer and screenwriter of the drama, said Muslims should not only work together in trade and politics but also in the field of culture and arts.

Brother Countries

Bozdag said, “I am confused that we did not make any joint ventures to this day, and we call each other brother countries. We have never worked together in the field of culture and arts. So then where is the brotherhood?”

The producer added, “When one of us is in trouble, both countries are mobilized. However, we should also do this on better days and organize days of culture not only in the cinema but also in history, cuisine, and museums.

“We shall share our experiences with the Pakistani industry, and they should share theirs with us, and jointly we will work on world-shaking deals.”

Bozdag said he had anticipated the series would attract attention in Pakistan, but he never thought it would be in such a short time. He stressed that he is delighted that the play is famous in Pakistan.

Separate Borders One Soul

“Even if both countries have separate borders, the souls are of one nation.”

“We need to re-explain the history of Islam and the Islamic world because this is a transcending art from the Taj Mahal to the Alhambra. We have to show the whole world the artistic and beautiful voice of Islam,” he said.

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