[VIDEO] Eshal Fayyaz makes shocking revelations about being abused by step-father and mother’s reaction on live TV

Along with that, she has become the face of many fashion brands.

Recently the gorgeous Eshal Fayyaz appeared on Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan Shan-e-Suhoor. The model-turned-actress talked about many things on live TV, but the most shocking revelation was when she opened up to her experience of facing child abuse.

Eshal Fayyaz opened up about the abuse she faced as a child at the hands of her then step-father. The extremely brave actress shared details of her past with host Nida Yasir and said:

My biological father had passed away when I was very young, which led to my mother remarrying when I was around three to four years old.

Eshal Fayyaz further shared:

After this, when I grew a little older, my step-father tried to rape me.

The revelation was met with shock from the host Nida Yasir, who explained that she had no idea something like this had happened to her. The anchor said:

I am so sorry. I promise I had no idea.

Explaining how she was very young at the time and stayed quiet while the incidents continued to play back in her head, the actress shared:

Back then, I could not process what was happening to me. I did not have much sense back then. I went up to my mother and told her what happened. This also became the reason for their divorce.

Concluding the statement, Eshal Fayyaz said:

I told my mother that he tried to rape me. Not once, not twice, not even thrice. When it happened for the fourth time, I had had enough. I told my older sister, after which we went and spoke to our mother about what had happened together. My mother divorced him after this and never got married again.

Here is a video of Eshal Fayyaz talking about the painful incident:

On the work front, Eshal Fayyaz has established herself as a well-known model ever since she stepped into the industry in 2011. The gorgeous model has walked the ramp at the Montage Fashion Show, Bridal Couture Week, and Showcase.

Along with that, she has become the face of many fashion brands. From there, Eshal Fayyaz spread her wings and acquired the lead role in top dramas like Abro and Hatheli to showcase her acting skills. According to popular opinion, the model-turned-actress is more successful in modeling as compared to acting.

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  • Very brave young women-May Allah help her to get over the trauma. I hope the evil bastard rots in hell.

  • There are alot of victims of child abuse but some are silent of having the fear of House not to broke and She is brave and courageous to speak out publicly .My sister these apple of discord ruin our happiness and peace in the society .

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