Esra Bilgic under fire for posting a bold picture [COMMENTS]

Ever since Turkish actors and actresses have garnered major fame in Pakistan, the local fan base has been following the celebrities’ every move. From keeping a check on their latest entertainment projects to staying up to date with their personal lives, Pakistanis want to know it all about their favorite Turkish stars.

However, this curiosity often tends to also attract major criticism for Turkish celebrities, especially when it comes to big names like Esra Bilgic.

Esra Bilgic is best-known for portraying the role of Halime Hatun in the Turkish historical adventure television series Diriliş: Ertuğrul that aired on TV from 2014 to 2018. The actress also garnered major fame and recognition for her lead role in the crime drama series Ramo.

The gorgeous actress Esra Bilgic likes to keep her fans and followers updated with her latest entertainment endeavors, personal adventures, achievements, and more. The starlet often takes to her Facebook and Instagram handle to share snippets of her life in the form of pictures and videos.

While usually the comment section of Esra Bilgic’s posts is flooded with praises and admiration, sometimes Pakistanis don’t appreciate her pictures. Recently, the beautiful actress took to Facebook to share a picture of herself with the caption “#newphoto”. In the photo, Esra Bilgic is standing in front of green palm trees wearing white fitted trousers with a black ruffle sleeve bikini top, and a hat.

Here is Esra Bilgic’s latest Facebook upload:

Pakistanis did not appreciate the attire she is seen wearing in the photo, which attracted the attention of several critics. Many Pakistanis took to the comment section to moral-police the Turkish actress.

Here is what Netizens have to say about Esra Bilgic’s latest Facebook upload:

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  • Aik tho ye actress hay aur Turkey ye sub kuch chalta hay . Ooper se Pakistani chuthiye hain , bahir burqay may road pe aurat ka sar se pair thak CT scan utharthay hain, yahan pe deen ki taleem detay hain . I have been to 19 countries so far , laikin Pakistan jaisay munafiq log kahin dhondnay se nahi milthay.

    • Kaka, tu hai he koi Randi.. tuje bhoknay ke liay Pakistani he milay hain.. tu khud kanjar iss ke pics ke liay iss post ko open kar ke aaya hai.. tu khud sab de bara munafiq hai kuttay

  • this was a drama and she was an actress.
    Don’t treat her as her character and turkey is no more an empire. It is a country of doner kebab

  • Just remember ! she is an actress , she is free to live her life as she wishes, wear what she choses, eat what she likes, pay attention to your Mothers, Sisters, wives and Daughters at home , she not your mother, sister, wife or daughter please.

  • Fuck the hypocrites commenting on her picture. She must hate us Pakistanis for our narrow mindedness. Turkey is a secular normal country with beautiful culture. They have great food and even better alcohol. And unlike us they don’t litter their cities. Safai nisaf Iman hai. We are just good for making hollow statements and judging others.

  • پاکستانی آپائیں کچھ کم نہیں۔۔۔انکی الماریوں میں ان سے بھی کم
    کپڑے ہیں۔۔۔
    ساری ایک ہی تالاب کی گنی مچھلیاں ہیں۔۔۔

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