WATCH: Esra Bilgic’s ‘Dirilis: Ertugrul’ rehearsal video breaks the internet

She is topic of the town - again!

Pakistan’s national crush Esra Bilgic, aka ‘Halime Sultan,’ is undoubtedly beautiful, fun-loving, and is exceptionally talented. People have fallen head over heels for performance in the Turkish drama “Dirilis: Ertugrul.” She rose to international fame because of her outstanding performance in the series.

But everything comes with a price, right? 

Here is a throwback video of Turkish actress Esra Bilgic that is resurfacing on the internet, which shows the hard work she put into her role as Halime Hatun.  

The 27-year-old actress went through intense workouts and rehearsals to fit into the role of a Seljuk warrior who got married to Ertugrul.

Preparing for such a challenging role is not easy, and there are plenty of behind-the-scene videos available on the internet that show that she prepped hard for this historical series.

On the work front, Esra will next be seen in her upcoming drama Ramo.

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  • No it didn’t break no internet. Only stupid, self deprecating, and clingy Pakistanis are going crazy as usual. No else gives a damn.

    • Totally agree, desperate people we are. Still she is a breath of fresh air for us compared to our makeup laden bumpkin ladies ruling the industry.

      • I came here to leave a comment against this article as a protest to this continuous nonsense about useless obsessions of Pakistani nation.

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