Ertuğrul star Cavit Cetin Guner reveals why he cancelled his visit to Pakistan

The actor recently took to his Instagram and expressed his apologies to disappointed Pakistani fans in Urdu.

The Turkish drama series Dirilis Ertugrul’s popularity has grown enormously with each passing day, and Pakistani fans can’t wait to meet their beloved stars. Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan, Pakistani fans were eagerly waiting to see Cavit Cetin Guner, who plays Ertugrul’s trusty compatriot Alp Dogan, to visit Pakistan.

Like other actors from the cast, Cavit Cetin has been warm and receptive to his newfound fan base and was planning to visit the country with the help of a local he met in Turkey. However, he later revealed his trip was canceled because he got scammed.

The actor recently took to his Instagram and expressed his apologies to disappointed Pakistani fans in Urdu.

“I apologize from the Pakistanis. In Turkey, I met a man named Musawair Abbasi, who was a lawyer, and we talked and agreed on a business plan. However, later I found out that the business plan was fake, and Musawir Abbasi lied.”

“We have a mutual love for Pakistani people, but I won’t be able to visit Pakistan due to current circumstances. I believe that I will meet trustworthy people and will meet you soon.”

Apart from the drama series Dirilis Ertugrul, Cavit Cetin Guner has been a part of various other shows and films like Borrowed Life, Luck Bird, False Yarim, Extended Family, Cappadocia Dreams, Ustura Kemal, etc

The 34-year-old actor is happily married and father to a son, Ali Demir.

We recently came across one of the cutest pictures of Cavit and his son, and we couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

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  • Cevit, cancelling your trip to Pakistan because of business fraud with one Pakistani lawyer? Turkish are not less than Pakistan, their are many cheaters and fraudsters in Turkey. You work for media, does not mean you are sincere and clean man. May be you have cheated Pakistani lawyer, who knows… Who cares if you come to Pakistan or not…. And do not give bad name to Pakistan because if your personal interest… Shame

  • Once again shamed by some kanjar from within our nation, we should have death penalty for such scum who cast our nation in a bad light internationally, with people willing to disgrace our country we dont need enemies threatening us, we should root out these beghairat scum and treat them like traitors.

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