Even Getting Injured And Paralyzed During Army Training Couldn’t Defeat His Inner Soldier – Meet Asif, the Ironman

Leading a life with a disability is hard but it becomes even more challenging when you see your world falling apart right in front of your eyes. Imagine having all your plans sorted out and going exactly as you want and the next moment, you open your eyes to see that it all flipped in a millisecond.
The struggle is only someone who is in it can understand. But even at that point, life has two options opened in front of you: either give up or fight and win it.

Warriors who choose option two are the ones who make an impact and cast a lasting impression on generations to come. Today, we are here with a story of a similar hero – a real-life champion who showed the power of a human being and control he has over himself even in the toughest of situations.
Asif Ullah Khan considered himself as the luckiest man in the world on the day he got the news that his dream has finally come true – he is selected him Pakistan Army. Asif was able to fulfill his parents’ expectations who always wanted him to wear that uniform. Not just that, he was the first in his family to unlock this achievement.

He walked through the gates of Pakistan Military Academy, with big ambitions and aims. With goals of acing every training session, but soon after it, life took it all from him.
During a training session, an injury caused him several injuries that paralyzed him. Imagine a man full of energy and determination, aiming at a life of self-sufficiency now needing the help of two people to even get in the wheelchair.
He felt like a defeated soldier but as previously said, life gave two options as well: giving up or setting up new goals, starting all over again.

He was a soldier at heart and chose the later. Even with his paralyzed fingers, he was able to graduate. He worked his way up to being independent again and he did it. Not on the personal level only, Asif made an effort to create a broader impact and wrote a book on how to live life after spinal injury. He also started his own website to motivate people and inspire them with their story.

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Asif shows that nothing can kill the warrior inside you. Despite all odds, you can do anything you want in life. It all comes from within.

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