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Even the capital city’s most prominent areas aren’t safe from criminals

As reported by Islamabad police, a group of robbers, that were involved in many robberies recently happened in sector G-10, G-11, F-10, and F-11 were found hidden in a drain in the provincial capital. The robbers were found hiding near F-7 Jinnah Avenue, as mentioned by the CIA (Criminal Investigation Agency).

A makeshift room was found in a drain near Jinnah Avenue where the robbers had everything you need in order to maintain a living, a bedroom, bathroom, and lounge, the officials said.

The rooms made in the drain were serving the robbers as a hideout, where they kept all the stolen items before disposing them off. It was discovered right after the police’s Criminal Investigation Agency started investigating the robberies recently committed in the country’s capital.

A team was formed by Hakim Khan, Deputy Superintendent of Police, to study every corner of the aforementioned sectors where robberies took place. According to the team lead, all the burglaries took place in houses close to drains.

With the help of surveillance cameras of the drains, it was revealed that the robbers were moving around using them and similarly, they helped the police find the hideouts of the robbers. However, many suspects successfully escaped before the raid.

Even though they were chased by the police, more than ten tributaries were present in the drain that made it difficult for the police to follow the suspects any further.

Even the capital city’s most prominent areas aren’t safe from criminals

While interviewing the arrested suspects, they told the police that they had five people in their group. They further added that the remaining three suspects must have fled to Afghanistan since they successful got away.

According to the police, the robbers told them that they used to rob many houses in the city and after getting done; they used to fly back to Afghanistan along with the stolen stuff with the help of local companies working in the city.

As mentioned by the police, all the precious items, including gold jewelry, were sold in Afghanistan. And the Pakistani currency was exchanged there as well.

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