Event of Shia, Sunni clerics to jump into fire in Gilgit-Baltistan canceled after backlash

A few days ago, Sunni and Shia clerics in Gilgit-Baltistan challenged each other of Mubahila (debate) on the recent sectarian disputes. Both parties accepted the challenge, and the day and time of the Mubahila were also fixed.

Separate statements were issued on the 17th of May by the Ahl-e-Sunnat and the Imamia Council of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The leaders of the Ahle-e-Sunnat said that an urgent meeting of the scholars and religious and political parties was held under the chairmanship of emir-e-Tanzeem. The statement stated that “the other side (Shia) was constantly disturbing the peace and order in multiple ways. Therefore, all Muslims must play a vital role in establishing peace. A case of blasphemy will also be registered against the Shia scholar. Moreover, the challenge of Mubahila has been accepted”.

Meanwhile, the Central Imamia Council of Gilgit-Baltistan also wrote a letter to the central khatib of Ahl-e-Sunnat Jamia Masjid Gilgit, saying that Agha Rahat Hussain Al-Husseini had accepted the debate challenge. “Our call is based on the truth of honesty that all Muslims should accept the religion of truth.”, said the statement.

Following this, the district administration of Gilgit was ordered to arrange firewood on the 21st of May 2021, at 3 pm at the Royal Polo Ground.

In the presence of the provincial government, Maulana Qazi Nisar Ahmad from Ahl-e-Sunnat and Jamaat and Agha Rahat Hussain Al-Husseini from the Shia sect were supposed to jump into the fire to prove their legitimacy.

However, after the backlash from social media, the event has now been canceled.

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      • What a disgraceful and ignorant reply. Can only expect it from someone who pretends to be a Muslim and is a wolf in disguise. The only reason for this reply can be someone who is trying to flame the situation instead of calming it down. Something that Shiatan and his followers are good at. While we debate whether to fold our hands during namaz or straighten them, the enemy is planning to cut them off al together. Wake up and smell the coffee Janu.

  • hahahaha, I knew very well and that is why I said it the other day that they will cancel it at the last moment by some excuse…

  • یہ الله کی سنت ہے کہ آگ انسان کو جلاتی ہے – جو بھی چیز آگ میں ڈالی جاۓ گی وہ ضرور جل جاۓ گی
    اس طرح اپنے آپ کو آگ میں ڈالنا خود کشی ہے اور ایسا کرنے والا جہنمی ہوگا

  • Ok, no jumping in fire. . . . . but they can curse each other, that will be enough.
    Hopefully, nasbis will not do terrorist attack like they always do.

  • No sir please don’t be mistaken, there is no backlash infact we R eagerly waiting for the event to take place as planned, please jump into the fire otherwise we will be justified to believe that both of U Are Fake and not on the right path and belief

  • Don’t think sunni aalim ever challenged anyone to jump into the fire. Anyone who knows Quran understands the procedure of Mubahala. It doesn’t mention anywhere that one has to commit suicide.

    Clearly, one party doesn’t understand the procedure that’s clearly mentioned in Quran.

  • یہ غلط کیا آج پتہ تو چل جاتا کہ کون غلط ہے کون سہی یا دونوں بیوقوف ہیں

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