Every 8th Executed Person In The World Is A Pakistani – Report Reveals


Despite the international human rights standards, every 8th executed in the world is a Pakistani. Pakistan accounts for 13% of the global execution even though since December 2014, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has overturned about 85% of the death sentences. Even after such a drastic decline, Pakistanis still make up 13% of global executions.

In the latest report by JPP (Justice Project Pakistan) ‘’Counting the Condemned’’, the NGO said that Pakistan is using the death penalty as a weapon for the pressing need of prison reforms.

Since 2014, Pakistan has sentenced 4500 people to death that makes one death a day per average. Pakistan lifted DE FACTO MORATORIUM on the death penalty in December 2014 – executing 496 people to date.

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Every 4th person on death row across the world is a Pakistani. Since the year 2009, 19,767 people have been awarded death penalties across the world. Among that, 2705 people have been executed by Pakistan alone.

Between the year 2015 and 2017, 3659 executions were carried out across the world while Pakistan contributed to 13% of those with numbers standing at 479. In the year 2015 alone, Pakistan contributed to 20% of global executions.

Source: DAWN

Since 2014, the Supreme Court has overturned 85% death sentences due to less concrete evidence and faulty investigations. Despite the fact that the majority of Pakistan’s death row consists of people accused of murder and related crimes, Pakistan still continues to execute and sentence people for the crimes that do not cause death.

Despite being the prime motive for it, the country has hardly sentenced a terrorist in all these years. Punjab particularly accounts for 89 per cent of the executions carried across Pakistan. While the other provinces have also witnessed an increase in death sentences, they are at a comparatively steadier pace compared to Punjab.

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