‘Everyone has been particularly mean to her’: Anoushey Ashraf comes out in support of Bushra Bibi

anoushey ashraf

Renowned TV host and actress, Anoushey Ashraf, has defended Bushra Bibi amid the recent criticism surrounding her and her friend Farah Khan.

The former first lady has been in the news headlines a lot lately due to her association with Farah Khan, whose wealth allegedly grew exponentially during the PTI government.

Recently, during an interview with Shaan Shahid, ex-PM Imran Khan was all praise for his wife. He lauded her for taking good care of the guests at their Bani Gala residence.

“I am fortunate enough to have Bushra Bibi in my life. Because of her, we are able to take care of our guests.”

He recalled the time when he used to live alone and once the American ambassador came to meet him.

“My house help was rushed to get something for refreshment for the guest and he brought a packet of biscuits, packed and placed it in front of him.”

Imran Khan added that Bushra Bibi makes sure the guests are well taken care of. “She is very strict about taking care of guests and if I don’t do it, she’s strict with me as well.”

Anoushey Ashraf comes out in support of the former first lady:

The renowned celebrity took to her Instagram account to defend Bushra Bibi. Anoushey Ashraf wrote: “Bushra Bibi has only come under terrible scrutiny even if she chooses to remain out of the eyes of the media”.

She added that she would love to meet her one day and asked if anyone can make it happen.

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