Here Is Everything That Makes Canadian PM Justin Trudeau The Most Popular Leader

Famed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the most, if not the most, loved leader in the world. Regardless of ethnicity, religious affiliation or national identity, Justin is quite respected among the public. Although the Canadians themselves may not agree on it unanimously, the world community carries a positive image of him and there are several contributing factors that add to it.
Here are some of the reasons that why Canada’s Prime Minister is so popular across the globe:

His Welcoming Stance Towards Refugees:

In 2016, Canada welcomed the largest number of refugees in a single year in the last 40 years. His stance was quite accepting towards the 50,000 Syrians who seek refuge from the war-torn state. Just after a few weeks of taking charge, he greeted the first plane of Syria as they arrived in Toronto. (Source: Sky News)

He’s Foresighted and Considerate


Justin has been very vocal about tackling the current challenges that we are facing on a global sphere, like tackling the climate change. On numerous occasions, he also denounced Trump for withdrawing from Paris agreement. With that, he’s also considerate about the minorities and socially marginalized communities, which is why he’s a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights, becoming the first Canadian Prime Minister to march at Toronto Pride Parade. He openly declared himself as a feminist and named a ministerial team balanced between both genders.

He’s Young, Ambitious and Athletic

Hence, all these qualities combined make him more relatable to the youth. On numerous occasions he has been pictured playing rugby, paddling a canoe and also photo-bombing student’s pictures on their prom nights during jogging. He was a teacher prior to his entry into politics and also is among few world leaders with tattoos.

The politician photo-bombed a group of prom students while jogging.
Source: SN

With his quite on point fashion sense, he’s also not scared to occasionally wear socks with bright, yellow ducks on them.

His Twitter Speaks For Him:

On multiple occasions, Justin has used his social media platforms to send a loud message of positivity. He is always the first one to reach out to minority communities on celebratory occasions particularly, making them feel as an included part of the community.

Due to his effective strategies he has been successfully able to reach out to every corner of the world and has cast a lasting impression.
He Is An Antonym Of Trump:

While Trump has been openly condemning the migrants, threatening them to send them back to ‘shithole’ countries, Justin has always been welcoming towards them, creating an overall accepting environment. According to numerous polls conducted, the results show that majority of Americans would prefer Justin over Trump in the White House any day!

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