Ex-employees expose Dawn’s exploitative organisational culture in a series of shocking tweets

Dawn’s executives sold Jinnah's vision, but former employees say it masked a toxic work environment.


Disgruntled former employees can really damage a company’s reputation, and that is what happened with the media giant Dawn.com.

In a series of shocking tweets, the ex-employees exposed the exploitative culture of the organization. The tweets came after a current employee shared how she has been going through a rough patch due to her work environment.



According to the employees, they were asked to work exceedingly long hours and limit their paid time off. Their projects were brutally criticized by executives in front of their peers.

One of the employees revealed the inside stories of Dawn.com, saying, “I have been ‘scolded’ like a child by my superiors in front of my peers for minor mistakes, and when confronted, they had no apology or remorse for their treatment.”


Another said, “Dawn.com employees are not Dawn.com employees on paper. This also stops them from claiming their basic rights like medical cover or other benefits or gratuity or provident fund. This is also the reason staffers are scared of speaking up, because of no job security.”

Here is the series of tweets shared by the ex-employees


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  • not surprised to hear this at all

    the owner is a fraudster, he went to BBC defending Panama leaks and was insulted. Then he was accused of rape as well. When the top is rotten, it will smell all the way to the bottom

    Feel sorry for the oppressed and helpless employees who have to earn living for the family and take this shit from Dawn management


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