Ex Teacher blames ‘cruel Principal’ for her miscarriage, Divorce, and even character assassination

Lahore Grammar School (LGS) has been an embodiment of modern education techniques and qualitative learning atmosphere for years. Setting an example for the private schooling sector in Pakitan, LGS has been a top priority for the parents when it comes to choosing a school for their kids.
However, recently two incidents that happened back to back really shook its image up in public, revealing the horrors of private schooling.

Renowned journalist Mubashir Lucman invited parent of a former LGS student, who according to her mother lost her life due to ill-treatment and derogatory remarks of her school staff.
The show already amplified concerns of those whose children are studying in private schools, who are ripping them off their money without any check and balance.

Watch Mubashur Lucman’ show here:



After that incident, another video went viral on social media that not only defy work ethics, but also morals of humanity.
Ex-teacher of LGS recently finally gathered up the courage to speak about the kind of treatment she received during her teaching experience that has completely destroyed her life
In her video message, she narrated that she asked for a one day leave when she was expecting a child due to her health, that principal refused to give.
As a result, her health worsened, unfortunately, making her lose her child.
Not just that, in this tough time she also lost her marriage as her husband blamed her for the incident, saying that she didn’t take any precautionary measures.


The shameful situation doesn’t end here as to cover up, the principal also character assassinated her.

It still remains that how far her story is credible. But regardless e can’t turn blind eye to the fact that in every sector, we lack ethics, acknowledgment, and respect towards our colleagues and employees.
Such treatment towards someone who undoubtedly belongs to the most ‘sacred’ profession is not only shameful for the school, but also for every one of us.

What, in your opinion, are the loopholes in the education system in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.

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