Exclusive Interview with Great Allama Iqbal’s Grand son Walid Iqbal, President of PTI Lahore

Living up to the ‘Name’

Coming from the bloodline of the great Philosopher and our National Poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, his grandson Mr. Walid Iqbal does not require much for being known and respected among nationals of Pakistan and accredited with recognition on international levels as well. It cannot be contested that the ideology of Pakistan runs in his blood and the great dream of Allama Iqbal had been the wealth of familial inheritance passed on to him.

However, sometimes his introduction with reference to his family overshadows his personal achievements in life. Mr. Walid Iqbal has justified himself as the member of the clan of a great patriotic family through his hard work, devotion and dynamism.

Academic Achievements

His notable Academic Qualifications include:

  • A degree in Economics from Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania,
  • An LLB from University of Punjab,
  • A Masters in Law from University of Harvard
  • A Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge

These are some of his notable academic achievements where he proved his mettle of intellect. But this is just half of it, as he has been dynamically translating his intellect through his profession into practice.

Walid Iqbal carries a pragmatic persona in education, profession and on the political premises as well.

Professional Career

Walid Iqbal established himself as a well known corporate lawyer in United States and in United Kingdom as well. After returning to his motherland in 2005, he is serving as:

  • An adjunct Professor of Business at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).
  • Serving as a member of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP),
  • A member of Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN)
  • A Director of the board of Lahore Stock Exchange.

Political Struggle

Though, by virtue of his family’s recognition, Walid Iqbal could have been part of any ruling party of Pakistan, but he made a decision to choose Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf  (PTI)on the basis of resonating ideological paradigms. He joined PTI in 2011 and contested the 2013 elections from  NA-124 (Lahore-VII), where he lost to  Sheikh Rohail Asghar of PMLN.

Selecting PTI as a platform for his political struggle, signifies his political ideology as being a Reformist. He envisions a Pakistan which is embellished with the original dream of its inception. He keeps professing the need for justice, accountability and promotion of merit in the society. This makes his ideology resounding with the fundamental tenets of an Islamic State.

His reformist ideology lands him in the left wing politics and therefore, his struggle within PTI as a forerunner of their ideologue had always been cherished . He has experienced arrest and detention by Police during a protest in 2016, where his party was demanding accountability of the Premiere of the country in context of Panama Leaks.

He currently holds office as a the President of PTI in Lahore wing.

Interview with Siasat.Pk

Siasat.Pk, floated the idea of interviewing Mr. Walid Iqbal and asked for the questions the audience might like to pose to him. There was a range of questions from almost every aspect, including his ideas about Iqbal’s ideology, his struggle in PTI as a political worker, how he compares the ideology of Iqbal with that of PTI, the works of Iqbal as a modern day enlightenment for the youth of Pakistan and much more.

Siasat.Pk, summed up all the questions and posed them to Mr. Walid Iqbal in a formal interview with him. The questions will appear transcribed in the video.


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    Walid Iqbal is a very humble, educated, enlightened and professional person. Most importantly he is carrying the message of Iqbal and Imran Khan.

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    yeah no doubt he belongs to a great family.

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